Re:sound Oral History

Re:sound was a year-long festival that encouraged artists and audiences in London, Manchester and Nottingham to rediscover their cities through the eyes – and voices – of people who’ve been homeless.


Brian Ward interviewed by Sarah Bisholo

David Rasura interviewed by Marigold Hughes

Dee Alison interviewed by Dilara Ball

Elma Twomey interviewed by John Quan

Indra Batram interviewed by Marigold Hughes

John Quan interviewed by Yusaku Nakagawa

Pedro Texera interviewed by Marigold Hughes

Sarah Bisholo interviewed by Brian Ward

Yusaku Nakagawa interviewed by Kieran Das Gupta

"London is activity, peace, inspiration, peace, chaos, fun, harmony, music, pigeons - and I wouldn't be anywhere else. London is black cabs, a mish mash - of people, languages, cultures and each one is an intricate part of London - without that, you wouldn't have London as it is now."


Alan Bostock interviewed by Anita Ferguson

Andy Mercer interviewed by Saaed Jan

Anita Ferguson interviewed by Alan Bostock

Louise Darbyshire interviewed by Rick Forrest

Rick Forrest interviewed by Marigold Hughes

Saaed Jan​ interviewed by Andy Mercer

"We sang songs about Manchester and I felt a real sense of pride in the city and what we could do. It was quite a nice feeling, I felt like I belonged. You don't have to go very far to have access to arts and muisc in Manchester and that's probably one of my favourite things about the place."


Amy Jardine interviewed by Caroline Middleton

Caroline Middleton interviewed by Amy Jardine

John Merchant interviewed by Simon Kemp

John Stewardson interviewed by Julie Ford

Julie Ford interviewed by John Stewardson

Kevin Delaney​ interviewed by Yasmin Khan

Natalie Henriques interviewed by Ellen O'Hara

Simon Kemp interviewed by John Merchant

"We've still got the popularity of Robin Hood, Brian Clough and Lord Byron - but there's also alot of history in Notts that hasn't been found yet. You can always wherever you like on a beautiful day in Nottingham."