Follow the operatic journey of Re:sound from April 2022 to March 2023, with guest blogs, video and audio from the artists involved in this project. This is your chance to look under the bonnet and see how our micro-opera cycle is co-created.

“We are flying high and on top of the world!”
"I look at my fellow performers. Our eyes are sparkling and our faces aglow with so much joy and pride! We are all-powerful and we can do anything!"
Anita Ferguson
Our families are not simply “homeless”
Co-creating a piece of music, having equal creative input with one of the country’s best composers, doing with, rather than being done to, is in itself a transformative act.
Jane Williams
A brave look at our cities
Every micro-opera offers a new perspective of our cities through a lens too often ignored – brilliantly imaginative stories of passion, strength, humour and solidarity.
Martin Constantine
The change we want to see
We hope that Re:sound shows what opera is at its heart – storytelling through music, design and movement, with narratives that make us feel and think, and speak to the experience of being human.
Rachael Williams and Martin Constantine
London protest_
Reclaiming our cities through opera
This experience has strengthened our sense of belonging in our cities, helping us feel more connected and recognising the common humanity of all who live in these spaces.
Streetwise Opera performers
Manchester Rain – co-creating in transient settings
The opportunity to create something so small over an extended period has meant that so much exploration and play has gone into this work.
Michael Betteridge
Streetwise Opera Manchester - IMG_9575 - Photo Rey Trombetta 500
"It's not hard to sing with conviction"
Streetwise Manchester performer Anita Ferguson writes about her Re:sound journey.
Anita Ferguson
Streetwise Audio Blog 2
The bee, looking down over Manchester
Second audio blog by composer Emily Levy about her experience working with clients of Women's Direct Access Centre in Manchester
Emily Levy
Streetwise 3 - WE'RE NOR 'AVIN' IT 500
We’re Nor ‘Avin’ It! is ready to go!
Our first Nottingham micro-opera has had a beautiful journey.
Alison Willis
A fresh look at the City of Nottingham
Tim Lole writes about the origins of the micro-opera "Everything Happens at the Clock"
Tim Lole
Emily Levy: Making sure everyone's voice is heard
Composer Emily Levy has been working with clients of Women's Direct Access Centre to co-create a micro-opera about Manchester.
Emily Levy
Dancing on a red bus
Things get heated when a London bus is surrounded by environmental activists.
Rey Trombetta
Streetwise 2 500
The Luddites are here!
What has become of the factory owners, factory workers and social justice warriors?
Alison Willis
Join us for a preview of our first micro-operas
Our launch events in July are the first stop on your Re:sound journey.
Streetwise Opera
The Spirit of Manchester
A recap of the penultimate session, in which we learnt and ran through elements of our new micro opera!
Nicolas Lewis
Rising against the machines
Composer Allison Willis is working with our Nottingham Playhouse group to create a micro-opera about the Luddite Rebellion.
Rey Trombetta
Ben See: "Protest chants and a lot of noise"
In our first London micro-opera, a big red bus that comes to a standstill when it's surrounded by climate activists.
Ben See
Stranded on a London bus
Composer Ben See has been working with our Southbank Centre group to co-create a micro-opera about London.
Rey Trombetta
Hoping to capture the magic in Manchester
Streetwise Opera's Head of Marketing & Comms visited a workshop led by Nic Lewis in Manchester.
Rey Trombetta
Alison Willis: "So many ideas!"
An update from composer Alison Willis after the third Re:sound session in Nottingham.
Alison Willis