Re:sound marked our return to in-person working and live performance after the pandemic. This project has enabled us to deliver on each of the three areas of our Theory of change: individual transformation, societal attitudes and sectoral influence. It helped us shift perceptions of homelessness in the minds of our audiences, support new artists within the arts sector in methods of co-creation with vulnerable adults, and, most importantly, it enabled people with lived experience of homelessness to co-create something beautiful and share it with the world.

Our baseline and endline surveys show that after taking part of this project:

  • 87% of participants achieved increased self-confidence
  • 83% had improved mood
  • 81% felt more creative
  • 74% achieved an increased sense of belonging

“I felt as though I was part of the creation of not just the singing and the dancing, but the sets as well, which was really, really lovely.”

“The amount of laughs I’ve had with people, I kind of forget everything else going on. At Streetwise, my opinion matters, I am listened to…in some spaces that doesn’t tend to happen that much.”

As a result of the Heritage Research element of Re:sound:

  • 81% of respondents said that they felt knowledgeable about history (compared to 42% at the start)
  • 81% of respondents felt that they had a good understanding of the heritage and history of their home city (compared to 22% at the start)
  • 78% of respondents said that they felt skilled in carrying out research into parts of history they were interested in (compared to 31% at the start)

A very unique opportunity. I was able to develop my own skills while being immersed with people on this creative journey.

Audience feedback

“The confidence, passion and musicality of the performers was exceptional.”

“It disrupts the perception that opera is an elite-exclusive form.”

“Fantastic, so great that the BBC Concert Orchestra was working with the ensemble, plus the animation worked so well as a total experience. Music with gusto that changes lives.”