The change we want to see
Rachael Williams and Martin Constantine

It’s sometimes hard to believe that when we embarked upon Re:sound a year ago, all we had was an idea to create a performance inspired by the cities our participants live in. No words, no music, no design – a blank page. Everything that you watch at the upcoming Re:sound performances has been germinated from and co-created with the participants we have worked with over the past 12 months in our weekly workshops and in frontline homelessness settings.

At Streetwise Opera, we want to build a world in which homelessness is not a barrier to achieving artistic and creative potential. We are consistently blown away by the extraordinary ideas and moments of inspiration that spring from the minds of our participants. When they join a session, they join as artists and creators, working alongside our practitioners to make beautiful work that they are then able to share with the world.

There’s been a lot of debate about opera in the news over the past months – what it is, where it should happen, who it is and isn’t for, and the role that this art form can play in building a more inclusive society. We hope that Re:sound shows what opera is at its heart – storytelling through music, design and movement, with narratives that make us feel and think, and speak to the experience of being human.

Thank you to our funders, our arts and homelessness partners, all the artists, practitioners and support staff who have worked on this project and to the tireless Streetwise Opera team who have made everything possible. Thank you most of all to the courageous Streetwise Opera participants who inspire us every day with their talent and creativity and who have created something truly special to share with you all. We couldn’t be prouder.

Rachael Williams and Martin Constantine
CEO and Artistic Director of Streetwise Opera

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