Photo: David Wilson-Clarke
Sophie Thorpe: Tom Dale Company
Choreographer, Nottingham

Sophie is a freelance dance artist, performer, choreographer and facilitator based in Nottingham. She is the co-founder of female-led dance collective Feet off the Ground and as a performer, her work spans between theatre, the outdoor sector and opera. Sophie is passionate about the role that movement, expression and creativity play in people’s lives and has over a decade of teaching knowledge and experience in professional, community and educational settings. She has joined forces with Tom Dale Company as company dancer and participation lead, drawing together their skills and experience to increase the number of opportunities for all people across the region to engage meaningfully with dance.

I wanted to work on this project with Streetwise Opera because the performers not only bring such individuality, commitment and creativity to the process but they are brilliant people. I first had the pleasure of working with Streetwise in Summer 2021 and it was a truly wonderful collaborative experience, full of fun, joy and imagination! The opportunity to engage with Streetwise and their homeless sector partners for a year-long project that unites different cities, will allow us to really delve into the creative process and find new connections, both with others and the places in which we live.