Everything Happens At The Clock


Co-created by composer Tim Lole and service users at Emmanuel House Support Centre in Nottingham.

Faces, places and names change constantly across Nottingham. As the masses of students settle in every year, the city is constantly reinventing itself. However, one thing does not change: the clock tower at Victoria has been standing since 1900, as a reference, a meeting point and the backdrop for many stories.

Today, we meet under the clock to grab a bite or meet up with our mates. Back in 1966, just before Nottingham Victoria railway station was razed and only the clock tower remained, the place was buzzing with the excitement of those arriving into the city to build new lives, or those that were venturing out to explore the country.

As we sing about the old times, we discover that the clock, more than a way of keeping time, has always been about keeping hope alive.

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