City of Bee-ting Hearts


Co-created by composer Emily Levy and residents of homelessness hostel Women’s Direct Access Centre in Manchester.

The Manchester worker bee has been an emblem for the city for over 150 years. The bee symbolises Mancunians’ hard work ethic, the city being a hive of activity, and the sense of unity amongst its residents.

This micro-opera introduces us to several characters who run into the bee at decisive moments of their lives.

Shannon, who has not been long in the city, finally feels welcome when the bee rests on her arm, as she decides she will make Manchester her home. Dopey is inspired by the bee’s patience and determination, and he decides to give himself a chance to be better. And Tom, inspired by the fact that bees will not sting unless they’re threatened, gains a more positive understanding of his own fears and worries.

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