We are proud to be working with a collection of brilliant artists as part of Re:sound, including composers, choreographers, designers, filmmakers and musical directors. In 2022 and 2023 they’ll work with participants in Streetwise Opera workshops in London, Nottingham and Manchester and to co-create nine micro-operas. We’ll be adding more artists as the project expands.

Sophie Thorpe: Tom Dale Company
Choreographer, Nottingham
Laura Dredger
Choreographer, London
Emily Levy
Composer, Manchester
Nicolas Lewis
Composer, Manchester
Kate Cox
Choreographer, Manchester
Elizabeth Kelly
Composer, Nottingham
Aga Serugo-Lugo
Associate Artist, London
Jonathan Ainscough
Associate Artist, Manchester
Alison Willis
Composer, Nottingham
Michael Betteridge
Composer, Manchester
Ben See
Composer, London
Electra Perivolaris
Composer, London
Tim Lole
Composer, Nottingham
Kemal Yusuf
Composer, London